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Tim Sindelar

sindelar-timTim Sindelar is a solo practitioner in Newton, where his practice focuses chiefly on special education and other litigation concerning the rights of children to essential services such as education and health care.

Prior to entering private practice attorney in early 2003, Tim was a Senior Staff Attorney at the Disability Law Center in Boston for more than eight years, where he divided his time between work in the special education and health law fields.  Before coming to the Disability Law Center, Tim had worked for more than 15 years in legal services programs in Massachusetts, Nebraska and West Virginia.

Tim has represented hundreds of  families in matters before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals and the state and federal courts on special education issues.  He has also worked with parents’ groups on legislative and regulatory issues pertaining to special education and health issues.  He has served on  a number of advisory groups for the Massachusetts Departments of Education and Mental Retardation and the Disabled Persons Protection Commission.

Tim has presented testimony to committees of the United States Senate and the Massachusetts General Court on education and health matters.  Tim is a frequent speaker at trainings and conferences on special education and children’s health.