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Autism Resources
Our resources are designed to help you learn more about autism,
and to give you information and strategies to deal with the wide
range of challenges facing every family. With these tools, you
and your family will build the capacity for self-management,
self-advocacy, academic success and, hopefully,
a better, happier life.


Special Needs Libraries

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Special Needs Libraries at Autism Care aim to be the #1 literature resource for SN youth and parents of the Special Needs child.  If you are looking to gain extensive knowledge in autism and want to understand more about where to start or how to enhance quality of life for your loved one and family. Our list of autism books and other learning materials are here to help you in your journey of self-academy in order to meet the personal goals of each individual with autism.



ASD Authors

Biomedical Treatments



Mental Health

Safety Issues

Special Diet

Special Education

Sensory Issues

Social Skills

Toilet Training


Vaccines and Autism

ASD Parents